Sonoco Thermosafe
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We’ve worked with Sonoco Thermosafe (formerly Laminar Medica) for almost 20 years, on projects of all shapes and sizes. Sonoco ThermoSafe is the leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging for the safe and efficient transport of pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines & other temperature-sensitive products. In 2023, Sonoco reported sales of $6.8 billion, making them one of our largest clients.

The company is mainly based in the US and spread their work over a few, carefully selected agencies to protect their brand. Our creative projects include packaging designs, image manipulation, brochure and social media designs.


What we’ve done for Sonoco Thermosafe

• Packaging Design
• Social Media Designs
• 3D Rendering Designs for Exhibition Signage
• Bespoke Image Manipulation
• Brochure Designs
• Product Datasheets

What Sonoco Thermosafe say…
RCD Creative have become our go-to agency in the UK. They complete many design tasks for us to help both our UK and US sales teams. They are efficient, reliable and just lovely people to work with!
Vivian Berni
– Director of Product Management